The Association is non-political and non-profit, based on the commitment and volunteer work of its members and, as provided for in its Statute, its mostlycultural and social aims are:

-riunite and represent Julians, Istrians, fellow citizens of Rijeka-Fiume and the Qvarner area and Dalmatians, living in various parts of the world and in the other Italian regions, strengthening their links with their homeland;

- keeping in contact with the Julian-Dalmatian Community and its members which, for reasons of temporary or permanent emigration, live and work in different countries;

- promoting and organizing initiatives that can enhance the conservation of the specific identity and the moral protection, social welfare and cultural qualifications of emigrants from Venezia Giulia, Istria, Fiume, the Kvarner islands and Dalmatia, their families and descendants;

- organizing information to raise awareness of what the Julian-Dalmatians do and have made in various countries and in other Italian regions in the different fields of activity and to make Jiulian-Dalmatians scattered around the world take part in the events and developments of their homeland;

- conveying to the local bodies, regional and national authorities responsible for the implementation of actions and measures taken to assist migrants, the expectations and needs of Julian-Dalmatians who live far from the homeland and contribute to the solution of their problems;

- encouraging the return and reintegration of Julian-Dalmatians to Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

The Mayors of Trieste and Gorizia are part of the Executive Council of the Association.

The Association publishes its own information "Julians in the World" newspaper on a quarterly basis and with free delivery to Julian, Istria, Rijeka and Dalmatia emigrants who request it, to authorities, institutions and socio-economic and cultural circles, clubs, and Giuliano-Dalmatian associations in the world.

The Association Giuliani nel Mondo currently has about seventy Associations, Clubs and Partnerships of Julian Dalmatians operating in various countries. Federations formed by existing Julian-Dalmatian Clubs respectively in Australia, Argentina and Canada are also part of the Association.


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