The Ente Friuli nel Mondo, the Friuli in the world Board, is a private non-profit organization founded in Udine June 20, 1953 it was recognized regional interest by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The Organization promotes autonomously links with the Friulians residing in Italy and in the world, and operates both directly and with the cooperation of the member associations, mostly named Fogolâr Furlan or Famee Furlane. With its 157 active associations, also operating in locations owned by them, and with over 23,000 members of all ages in every continent, the organization has an extraordinary asset of relationships available to the whole regional system.


The Ente Friuli nel Mondo plays a moral, cultural and material support role, establishing appropriate forms of collaboration with international institutions and Italian diplomatic authorities in order to maintain and promote the Friulian cultural identity, the intercultural dialogue, solidarity between generations, vocational training, labour mobility, development of entrepreneurship, international partnerships. The body is responsible for the editing of the bimonthly Friuli nel Mondo magazine which has been distributed throughout the world since December 1952, runs the website and the Facebook profile


The organization has videoconferencing equipment in order to establish, with the help of new computer technology, more and more narrow and immediate relationships with fellow residents in the world. Same aim have the digital conversion process of the archives and the entire publishing production that enabled the on-line publication on the website of the complete collection of Friuli periodical magazine in the world since the historic first release of November 1952, an anthology of sound than 250 radio broadcasts have made for thirty years in collaboration with RAI and the photographic archive, which consists of thousands of images arrived from all over the world. Included in this area are also "blecs - Friulian pills" a video-conversation guide in Friulian, blecs - Clips of Friulian in Friuli / English version, and blecs - Perlas de Friuli, in Friuli / Spanish version, available online at and site.


Thanks to a series of cooperation agreements with regional, national and international institutions, the organization aims, today and in the future as an international projection tool of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and an essential operational partner in the design, implementation and realization of projects and world-wide initiatives. Ente Friuli nel Mondo does not mean, therefore, only preservation of the values of Friuli in social and cultural terms, but also envisage a great design of internationalization of Friuli and the regional system through the enhancement of skills and enormous scientific potential, and economic policies of the Friulian communities in every continent.


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