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Ivan's Success In London, Behind "Mary Poppins" Special Effects

Ivan's Success In London, Behind "Mary Poppins" Special Effects



Ivan Sorgente, who is only 25 years old and has been living in London for five years, has already a very rich curriculum in the field of special effects in the world of television and cinema. His latest work was the famous sequel to Mary Poppins, which is now being shown in theaters. He has been working for five months for this film and has made its first sequence, the scene under water, and then the final one where all the actors start flying away, attached to balloons.

After the remake of the film dedicated to the famous baby sitter, other important challenges are awaiting him in 2019, including the new film by the Canadian director James Cameron and the last chapter of Spiderman. In the past he has already put his signature on other well-known shows, such as the TV series "Il Trono di Spade". In February 2019 another film for which he worked last year from September until December, "Battle Angel", will also be released.

Ivan has made an important career thanks to his talent and above all thanks to a lot of passion for a sector in which he landed after attending some courses, after high schools in Trieste. His life is now in London, where he is collecting continuous professional satisfactions, working for the largest special effects company in the world.

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