Remembering The Friulian Partisans In Lyon

Remembering The Friulian Partisans In Lyon

The oldest Fogolârs Furlans also play the role of sentinels of  Memory. On Saturday February 23, in the presence of numerous authorities, including ministers and general consuls of various nations, the ceremonies in honor of the international partisan group Manouchian-Affiche Rouge were held in Lyon. The entire group of 23 partisans, including 6 Italians, were shot on February 21, 1944 at Mont Valerien not far from Paris. Among these there are also some Friulians. Rino Della Negra, 19 years old, from Segnacco -Tarcento; Spartaco Fontanot 22 years old, from Monfalcone; Cesare Luccarini, 22 years old; Antoine Salvadori, 24; Amédéo Usséglio, 32, were members of the resistance called FTP-MOI (Franchi Tiratori Partigiani – Mano d'Opera Immigrata, partisan snipers – immigated labourers).

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