Siberia: Looking For A Friulian Pioneer Of 1900

Siberia: Looking For A Friulian Pioneer Of 1900



Last December Romano Rodaro, a member of Fogolâr Furlan of Lyon, left for the sixth time for the shores of Lake Baikal, in Siberia, on the traces of a Friulian pioneer who was in these icy places during the construction of the Trans-Siberian railway.

Luigi Giordani, this was the name of the pioneer, wrote in his "parishioner book" with a copying-pencil: "Today, the first day of the year 1900, Luigi Giordani challenges the most intense cold temperatures in a gloomy and dirty shack, together with other thirteen Friulians, always happy and waiting for a prosperous and lucrative future.Therefore it is up to God to prepare it for us and we all together thank him, with all our heart. Massovaja (today Babushkin) Siberia ". The book on which this phrase was written was discovered in the debris of the earthquake of Friuli in 1976, Since then Romano Rodaro has never stopped his research. He continues to gather fragments of life scattered over thousands of kilometers, and makes emerge an extraordinary, forgotten story after 118 years, that of the Friulians who built the Trans-Siberian railway . The "gloomy and dirty shack" mentioned in the script seems to have been located not far from the Missavaja lighthouse. The Fogolar Furlan of Lyon with its missions and activities is keeping alive this spirit that honors Friuli and Ita

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